I run MySQL 5.6 since month and everything went well. Also the MySQL Workbench 6.

I receive two errors if I would like to see the "Server Status".

1st error:

Could not acquire management access for admionistration
RuntimeError: Unable to execute comand chcp. Please make shure that
C:\Windows\System32 directory is in your PATH environment variable.

I checked the windows path variable within Win7 and there exist an entry c:\windows\system32

2nd error:

Unable exception: Current profile has no WMI enable

Any ideas?


To resolve the issue, simply click on Manage Server Instances under Server Administration column and close the screen again. Now click on the instance again, check if the issue is fixed or report any bug.

  • Solved, software things ;-) – netadictos Jul 7 '14 at 12:34
  • I see this is a few months old, still... I couldn't find that option in the Ubuntu version of Workbench. Would anyone know the equivalent command? Thanks. – Diego Nov 26 '14 at 19:30
  • 3
    Can anyone confirm is this option is there in workbench version 6.3.6 and later? I cannot seem to find it. – LoneWOLFs Feb 12 '16 at 5:36

I thought your MYSQl Service is not yet start. Please Follow the below steps It works me like a charm.
windows + R - Type services.msc Press 'Enter' you could see many services . There is a service called MYSQl56 service if it's Disabled please Start that Service then once again restart the workbench.

  • i have problem while starting this service . dialogue box appears and it says mysql57 on local computer started and then stoped – Rooha Ali Jun 2 '16 at 7:28

For those who are still facing issue, add "C:\Windows\System32" in "path" Environmental Variable and make sure "MySQL56" service is running.


If you got below error when click on Manage Import / Export option

manageserverinstances 0

Previously asked question Backup of mysql DB not being created is answered Exception: Current profile has no WMI enabled


I encountered this issue when trying to install my first mySQL server.

When configuring Remote Management, I overlooked the operating system setting for my server. I was using Windows but the default was set to FreeBSD. Once I changed the server OS setting to Windows, the problem went away.


I just encountered exactly the same problem - read lots of suggestions but solutions didn't work for me (I can't un-install MySQL and re-install it on a live server)... ...my resolution, and what worked for me, was to copy chcp.com from C:\Windows\System32\ to C:\Windows\SysWOW64\ I guess it's a path problem between a 32bit version of MySQL/Workbench and the 64bit OS


I got the same problem after restarting my pc and solved it by just starting wampserver! so the solution is: 1. start wampserver- make sure apache,mysql are running and put all services online. 2.try to reconnect to the database!


Funnily enough, mine didn't work after the solution given by @mohit, and I'd rather not restart the computer as a work around as some has suggested.

After doing some digging around, I found that the mysql server service was not running

Task Manager --> Services --> [mysqlxx] right click and click start if not running. Note that. Note that [mysqlxx] could be a different format or name where xx are numbers

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