I wanted to deserialize some Core Db items. I have created Serialization Packages and I tried to deserialize it with the PS Command :

Deserialize-Item -Recurse -Database "core" -Path "C:\serialization\core\sitecore\content\Applications\WebEdit" -Root "C:\serialization"

When I execute this command, it tries to create some folders but it cant find the template for 'Folder', because it resides in the master database.

When I remove the -Database "core" option, it cant find the database, so in both attempts, I could not get Core DB folders deserialied with PS Script.

Does anyone have an idea, how I can deserialize Core DB Folders with script?


One thing I've noticed is that you're missing trailing \ character in the Root parameter in your command. It should be "C:\serialization\" instead of "C:\serialization". It should work without Database parameter. The code that works for me looks like this:

deserialize-item -Recurse -Path "C:\serialization\core\sitecore\content\Applications\WebEdit" -Root "C:\serialization\"

If it doesn't work for you, try to switch to core: before executing the script:

cd core:
deserialize-item -Recurse -Path "C:\serialization\core\sitecore\content\Applications\WebEdit" -Root "C:\serialization\"

Here is a blog post explaining serialization and deserialization with Sitecore Powershell Extensions.

  • The missing trailing \ character was the problem. It works when I add \ at the end. Thanks – EngelbertCoder Nov 29 '13 at 11:40

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