I'm using JAXB and MOXy to unmarshal structure like

"coordinates": [

Usually, when I'm facing json arrays, I just use code like

Integer[] coordinate;
@XmlElement(name = "coordinate")
public Integer[] getCoordinate(){
    return coordinate;
public void setCoordinate...

and it works. So, for that structure I wanted to use similar code

Float[][][] coordinates;
@XmlElement(name = "coordinates")
public Float[][][] getCoordinates(){...

But during unmarshalling MOXy throws NPE. Can't you tell me, what's wrong with that approach?
Regards, Mikhail.


Currently MOXy does not support multi-dimensional JSON arrays. You can use the following enhancement request to track this feature:

  • too bad! @BlaiseDoughan, is there any chance we will get this feature? The ticket seems pretty quiet for some time now. – omilke Mar 4 '14 at 20:19

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