Angular 1.2:

<input type="checkbox" ng-model="vm.myChkModel" ng-click="vm.myClick(vm.myChkModel)">

I don't have the right state in my myClick function?

I want the state, after the click.

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    I don't understand your question. Can you let us know what state you expect and then what state you have? Nov 29, 2013 at 17:28

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The order of execution of ng-click and ng-model is ambiguous since they do not define clear priorities. Instead you should use ng-change or a $watch on the $scope to ensure that you obtain the correct values of the model variable.

In your case, this should work:

<input type="checkbox" ng-model="vm.myChkModel" ng-change="vm.myClick(vm.myChkModel)">
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    @musically_ut Not working for the first time if checkbox is already checked.... Function not getting called. Need help in this Jul 2, 2018 at 8:30

You can use ng-change instead of ng-click:

<!doctype html>
  <script src="http://code.angularjs.org/1.2.3/angular.min.js"></script>
        var app = angular.module('myapp', []);
        app.controller('mainController', function($scope) {
          $scope.vm = {};
          $scope.vm.myClick = function($event) {
<body ng-app="myapp">
  <div ng-controller="mainController">
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="vm.myChkModel" ng-change="vm.myClick(vm.myChkModel)">
  • hi @cardeol, I would like to ask if I can use modals instead of alert here?
    – bleyk
    Apr 5, 2016 at 1:02
  • Assign a modal to $scope. then you can open this modal inside the context.
    – cardeol
    Apr 5, 2016 at 8:39

cardeal's answer was really helpful. Took it a little further and figured it may help others some where down the line. Here is the fiddle:


And the code:

<body ng-app="checkboxExample">
  angular.module('checkboxExample', [])
    .controller('ExampleController', ['$scope', function($scope) {

    $scope.value0 = "none";
    $scope.value1 = "none";
    $scope.value2 = "none";
    $scope.value3 = "none";

    $scope.checkboxModel = {
        critical1: {selected: true, id: 'C1', error:'critical' , score:20},
        critical2: {selected: false, id: 'C2', error:'critical' , score:30},
        critical3: {selected: false, id: 'C3', error:'critical' , score:40},

       myClick : function($event) { 
          $scope.value0 = $event.selected;
          $scope.value1 = $event.id;
          $scope.value2 = $event.error;
          $scope.value3 = $event.score;

<form name="myForm" ng-controller="ExampleController">

    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="checkboxModel.critical1.selected" ng-change="checkboxModel.myClick(checkboxModel.critical1)">
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="checkboxModel.critical2.selected" ng-change="checkboxModel.myClick(checkboxModel.critical2)">
    <input type="checkbox" ng-model="checkboxModel.critical3.selected" ng-change="checkboxModel.myClick(checkboxModel.critical3)">
  <tt>selected = {{value0}}</tt><br/>
  <tt>id = {{value1}}</tt><br/>
  <tt>error = {{value2}}</tt><br/>
  <tt>score = {{value3}}</tt><br/>

The order of execution of ng-click and ng-model is different with angular 1.2 vs 1.6

You must test, with 1.2 and 1.6,

for example, with angular 1.2, ng-click get execute before ng-model, with angular 1.6, ng-model maybe get excute before ng-click.

so you get 'true checked' / 'false uncheck' value maybe not you expect

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