In previous versions of Mozilla Firefox, I had a button on the toolbar that shows the JavaScript / CSS errors and warning. A click on this button - open the console, which display the page code and errors places. In the new version of Firefox (V.25), I can not get this button on the toolbar header. Who knows how to place the button on the top panel? Or maybe you know a plugin that can show the JS / CSS errors on the toolbar? Look at the screenshot, where I want to see the JS / CSS errors


enter image description here


Firebug, when turned on, can give you notifications like so:

enter image description here


I got bugged months before for the same problem i.e v25 of Mozilla. what i did was moved back to v20 which is quite easy to understand.

By the way you can use Ctrl + Shift + J. Always helps.

Refer this Link i think this post is in the same context.

Firefox - enable reporting of Javascript errors

  • Thanks, Your link helped! I added Web Developer bar and moved the buttons to main FF bar. This is what I wanted! THANKS!!! – Denis Monn Nov 30 '13 at 14:45

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