I'm trying to work in my local server but I have to clear my cache every time if I want to see changes on the css rules.

There is any way to control Google Chrome cache?

  1. Open DevTools
  2. Open Settings (bottom right or use F1 shortcut)
  3. Check Disable cache (while DevTools is open)


  • This is the only thing that worked for me to see changes in @imported css files. – ThomasPeeters Oct 23 '15 at 7:16
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    Thank you! This has been driving me crazy for months! – MTAdmin Mar 3 '17 at 17:47
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    If I push the css changes over live server, then it does not appears until we refresh the cache, how to resolve this issue? I mean the public users don't know about the changes. – Irfan Ahmed Apr 28 '17 at 15:03
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    The strangest thing was happening while I was experiencing this annoyance...Some of the margin, padding, spacing changes I was making to the css file was actually verifiable when I refreshed the page, however just not all of the changes. Changing the setting as noted here was exactly what I needed. Thank you very much! – Brien Foss May 6 '17 at 4:36
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    just FYI, it's a checkbox at the top right corner (under network section). – Walty Yeung May 13 '17 at 0:53

CTRL+F5 : to refresh the page by clearing GG chrome cache.

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    CMD - SHFT - R on a mac – Gerrit B Dec 13 '18 at 18:52

You can do any of the following options:-

  1. Install a Chrome Extension like Clear Cache to clear cache by clicking on icon.
  2. Use Incognito Mode and browser your website in incognito mode. Incognito mode won't disable cache clearly. Disabling cache completely may slow down your browsing experience.
  3. Use chrome's features like Hard Reload (Clear cache and hard reload). Read this stackoverflow post
  4. As @Vitaly mentioned, Use Developer Tool settings to disable cache completely.

Choose what fits you :)

  1. Open up your Developer Tools then click the icon on the top right

Google Chrome menu

  1. In settings --> preferences scroll down to find "Disable cache (while DevTools is open)" and click on the box to select the option.

enter image description here

If you are still having the problem, and the page works on other browsers, then the easy fix could be to just uninstall Google Chrome and do a fresh install of the latest version. I ran into this problem and it was the best fix instead of the headache of tracking down a complicated fix or outdated posts that no longer work. After you have Chrome reinstalled, repeat the steps above to disable cache.

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    In 2017, this helped me in actually locating the setting – Anupam Jan 30 '17 at 8:31

Shift-F5 to reload the page worked for me on Chrome 61.0.3163.100


More tools > Developer Tools
Then right click the refresh button on the browser.
You will get three options. Select "Empty Cache and Hard Reload".

This will only impact the active tab.

  1. Disable cache (while DevTools is open)
  2. Close Chrome Browser
  3. Clear Cache with Software CC Cleaner
  4. After that Open Chrome browser

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