I am new to Cuda, I have the following function:

__global__ void square(float *myArrayGPU)
   myArrayGPU[threadIdx.x] = sqrt(threadIdx.x);

I want to use the cuda math library, I tried to #include "math.h" but I still get the error

error: calling a __host__ function("__sqrt") from a __global__ function("square") is not allowed

Any idea what library should I include to use the sqrt?

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threadIdx.x is of type int. CUDA math library is overloaded only for single precision (float) and double precision (double). You need to supply either a 'float' or 'double' type parameter to sqrt() for the CUDA version of sqrt() to be called.


myArrayGPU[threadIdx.x] = sqrt(threadIdx.x);


myArrayGPU[threadIdx.x] = sqrt( (float) threadIdx.x);

For more detailed information, take a look at the CUDA sqrt() prototype documentation.


sqrt expects a floating type variable. Try sqrt((float)(threadIdx.x))

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    Good answer, but unfortunately Harshil Sharma beat you to the 'textbook version'... :-)
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    Dec 1, 2013 at 23:17

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