I try to debug meteor with node-inspector.

There are two '.js' files on /server directory:


    var a = 1;
    var  b =2;


        var c = 3 ;
        var d = 4;

at first,I set the environment NODE_OPTIONS='--debug' and runmeteor . at another CMD run node-inspector

I open localhost:8080/debug?port=5858 at chrome and find the file "app/server/main.js" and set a debug flag on 3 line. like this:

(function(Npm, Assets){(function(){Meteor.startup(function(){
    var a = 1;
    var  b =2;  //debug at here



but nothing happen and at cmd the result of console.log(a+b); have already print. at other hand, if i set a debug flag in "app/server/test.js" and the run Meteor.call("hello") at console of localhost:3000 then the breakpoint can work well .

at above ,I failed to debug on Meteor.startup.

the next,I try to use NODE_OPTIONS='--debug-brk'

I rerun meteor and refresh localhost:8080/debug?port=5858

It will break at

(function (exports, require, module, __filename, __dirname) { process.argv.splice(2, 0, 'program.json');

and then I press F10 again and again , the debug flag nothing seems to be happening at app/server/main.js. at the same time ,if debug at test.js and call Meteor.call at client chrome .the breakpoint can also work well.

How can I debug at the function Meteor.startup(function(){...})

What's the step I have forgotten?


there's a issue related to node-inspector. Depends of your version, maybe you can try to downgrade to 1.10.

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