How do I comment out lines in my .plist file in my iOS/Mac projects?

I want to comment out the settings that I don't want to expose for this version of the project, but I may want to expose it later.


Syntax of plist is pretty much like XML, so you can use XML style comments.

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    By the way, you can select a portion of plist text and press cmd-/ (like you do for making a single-line comment in regular .m, .h files) and XCode will comment selected block for you automatically. – heximal Apr 29 '15 at 11:32

Xcode seems to believe that the <comment> tag corrupts the data. It will also strip out XML-style <!-- comments --> when viewing the plist in Xcode. It seems that a string entry, e.g.

<string>My comment</string> 

is the only way to reliably persist the comments.

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