I am looking for a syntax hilighting file for Textpad which hilights the Groovy g namespace. I have been trying to build one myself and can't quite figure out how to do it - or whether it is possible to have namespace based syntax hilighting in TextPad at all.

I have a great one for Groovy, but nothing yet for GSP. Has anyone created one?



Syntactically, GSP is almost identical to JSP. I know nothing about TextPad, but could you instruct it to use the JSP syn file for .jsp and .gsp files?

  • that's the obvious thing to do, but of course it leaves out all the GSP specific tags. What I have done is copy a JSP and start hacking around with it for GSP. – Simon Jan 14 '10 at 17:05
  • But surely the GSP syntax file will highlight any tags in the format <namespace:tag> whether these are coming from the JSTL namespace or the Grails namespace? Do you mean than if you accidentally type <g:eacg> instead of <g:each> the syntax file would highlight the error? – Dónal Jan 14 '10 at 20:43

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