How to install a Vimball plugin (with .vba extension)?

The documentation just says:

install details Edit the vba file and type:

:so %

The vimball documentation says:

All a user needs to do with a vimball is:

vim someplugin.vba
:so %
  • Do I have to write that in normal mode (inside Vim) or in the _vimrc file?
  • Do I have to write the full path of the .vba file?
  • I can't write vim someplugin in normal mode. Do I have to write :vim plugin?

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Open the vba file with vim, and type the :source % command right there. The % refers to the current file, so using :source % while having a file open in vim is telling it to run the file in the context of vim, which in the case of vba files, is installing it in the proper directories.


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