Is it possible to access google calendar service while using service-account-method? Google says indirectly, it is not possible, because calendar-service is not on the list of supported services in the documentation of service-account-method, but I personally think, it IS possible. But how?

I am writing a calendar application in php, and there I want to create calendar events into my google-calendar without user-action (e.g. login).

I learned, that first the application has to authenticate itself against google server, using the service-account-method with a key-file .p12

I am using the following code for authentication: (downloaded fom here: http://code.google.com/p/google-api-php-client/source/browse/trunk/examples/prediction/serviceAccount.php )

require_once 'google-api/src/Google_Client.php';
require_once 'google-api/src/contrib/Google_CalendarService.php';
require_once 'google-api/src/contrib/Google_PredictionService.php';

$client = new Google_Client();

$keyfile = file_get_contents(GOOGLE_KEY_FILE);

$client->setAssertionCredentials(new Google_AssertionCredentials(

But this login seems not to work. How do I find out, if server is logged in at that moment?

I want to continue with this:

$cal = new Google_CalendarService($client);
if (isset($_SESSION['token'])) {
if ($client->getAccessToken()) {
  $calList = $cal->calendarList->listCalendarList();  // <- this is line 55
  print "<h1>Calendar List</h1><pre>" . print_r($calList, true) . "</pre>";

  $_SESSION['token'] = $client->getAccessToken();
} else {
  $authUrl = $client->createAuthUrl();
  print "<a class='login' href='$authUrl'>Connect Me!</a>";

But in line 55 there comes this error:

Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Google_ServiceException' with message 'Error calling GET https://www.googleapis.com/calendar/v3/users/me/calendarList: (403) Insufficient Permission' in /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/google-api/src/io/Google_REST.php:66

Stack trace: #0 /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/google-api/src/io/Google_REST.php(36): Google_REST::decodeHttpResponse(Object(Google_HttpRequest)) #1 /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/google-api/src/service/Google_ServiceResource.php(186): Google_REST::execute(Object(Google_HttpRequest)) #2 /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/google-api/src/contrib/Google_CalendarService.php(205): Google_ServiceResource->__call('list', Array) #3 /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/i_termine_admin.php(55): Google_CalendarListServiceResource->listCalendarList() #4 /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/termine_admin.php(113): include('/usr/www/users/...') #5 {main} thrown in /usr/www/users/leuchtk/html/google-api/src/io/Google_REST.php on line 66

So it looks like, the application is not logged in. I am completely lost in this code for now. Thank you for some little light, what is missing there...



You may want to refer to this question. Your issue could be just to add the

array('https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar', 'https://www.googleapis.com/auth/calendar.readonly'),

in where you call the


Google PHP Client API: Insufficient Permission

Hope this helps

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