I can't get "â" to be written. I can write "Â" though (carrot + capital A).

Any other accent can be written as in any other text editor.

Any suggestions?

Thank you in advance.

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    How are you inputting it? See :help digraphs for more info, but you ought to be able to do ctl-k a > Dec 2, 2013 at 18:41
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    Keyboard mappings and how they work depend on the operating system. You should mention the OS that you use, or add it to the tags. Dec 2, 2013 at 19:21

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You may want to look at the :digraph command in Vim. It will show you the combinations to use with <C-k> to make accented characters. In your case, you want <C-k> followed by a>.

Note: <C-k> means Control + k whereas a> means the letter "a" followed by a ">" (greater than sign).


If you are using a latin keyboard layout and are unable to directly type the accented character, check if there is any mapping using it:

:verbose imap â

If so, just remap the command to another key.


<C-K>a^ works for me in Vim 7.3.


You could use digraphs, as pointed out on other answers. But this kind of diacritical character is very common on some languages. If that is true for you, you could set the keymap option:

:set keymap=accents

The list of characters added by this option can be seen in $VIM\keymap\accents.vim.

That being said, this should be working without this option. It is possible that you are with some problem with the value your 'enconding' option, as mentioned here.


First look at digraphs, as mentioned before.

But just to be thorough, and because I haven't seen it mentioned yet, note that any unicode character at all can be inserted via <C-v>uXXXX<cr> (where XXXX is the hexadecimal code point number of the character.) More on this at :help i_^v

For a list of code point values for different characters, try:


Or use a handy Perl script called unum, which lets you search characters by name, and other fun stuff.

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