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I have a function that evaluates input, and I need to keep asking for their input and evaluating it until they enter a blank line. How can I set that up?

while input != '':
    evaluate input

I thought of using something like that, but it didn't exactly work. Any help?

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    How does it not work? What does it do? What do you expect to see? – Collin Dec 2 '13 at 20:46
  • That above code repeatedly asks for the input if it is not ''. I need it to evaluate input until a blank line is entered. – user3033494 Dec 2 '13 at 20:52

There are two ways to do this. First is like this:

while True:             # Loop continuously
    inp = raw_input()   # Get the input
    if inp == "":       # If it is a blank line...
        break           # ...break the loop

The second is like this:

inp = raw_input()       # Get the input
while inp != "":        # Loop until it is a blank line
    inp = raw_input()   # Get the input again

Note that if you are on Python 3.x, you will need to replace raw_input with input.

  • This will raise an EOF error at the last input if there is no further input – Snigdha Batra Jan 10 '17 at 12:23

you probably want to use a separate value that tracks if the input is valid:

good_input = None
while not good_input:
     user_input = raw_input("enter the right letter : ")
     if user_input in list_of_good_values: 
        good_input = user_input

This is a small program that will keep asking an input until required input is given.

required_number = 18

while True:
    number = input("Enter the number\n")
    if number == required_number:
        print "GOT IT"
        print ("Wrong number try again")

  • Actually, it keeps repeating even after the required input is given. – jwvh Jan 14 at 5:06

Easier way:

#required_number = 18

required_number=input("Insert a number: ")
while required_number != 18
    print("Oops! Something is wrong")
    required_number=input("Try again: ")
if required_number == '18'
    print("That's right!")

#continue the code

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