The labels on my horizontal colorbar are too close together and I don't want to reduce text size further:

cbar = plt.colorbar(shrink=0.8, orientation='horizontal', extend='both', pad=0.02)

horizontal colorbar with bad labels

I'd like to preserve all ticks, but remove every other label.

Most examples I've found pass a user-specified list of strings to cbar.set_ticklabels(). I'm looking for a general solution.

I played around with variations of




but I haven't found the magic combination.

I know there must be a clean way to do this using a locator object.


For loop the ticklabels, and call set_visible():

for label in cbar.ax.xaxis.get_ticklabels()[::2]:
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    Just as an alternate way of doing the exact same thing: You can do plt.setp(cbar.ax.get_xticklabels()[::2], visible=False). This is identical, of course, but it can be handy to at least know about setp. Then again, a for loop is clearer and instantly readable, while setp isn't clear unless you're familiar with matplotlib. – Joe Kington Dec 3 '13 at 2:27
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    If your colorbar is oriented vertically, you will need to use cbar.ax.yaxis.get_ticklabels() instead – aseagram Jul 27 '14 at 2:09
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    Also, you can of course use get_xticklabels()[1::2] to hide very other label. This will usually be necessary if the start of your axis does not coincide with a tick but you still want to keep the first (visible) tick visible. – inVader Jul 22 '15 at 13:58
  • Is there a way to alternate the label position so that they go top, bottom, top, bottom ... ? That could help preserve all labels without overlapping. – Jason May 11 '16 at 9:55
  • An alternative way is to alternate top and bottom labels, rather than removing every other one. To do that I've come up with a solution: stackoverflow.com/q/37161022/2005415 – Jason Sep 14 '17 at 8:39

One-liner for those who are into that!

n = 7  # Keeps every 7th label
[l.set_visible(False) for (i,l) in enumerate(ax.xaxis.get_ticklabels()) if i % n != 0]
  • Fantastic! This is the better than higher rated answers as it is more flexible. More than every second label can be hidden. – SomJura 8 hours ago

Just came across this thread, nice answers. I was looking for a way to hide every tick between the nth ticks. And found the enumerate function. So if anyone else is looking for something similar you can do it like this.

for index, label in enumerate(ax.xaxis.get_ticklabels()):
    if index % n != 0:

I use the following to show every 7th x label:

plt.scatter(x, y)
ax = plt.gca()
temp = ax.xaxis.get_ticklabels()
temp = list(set(temp) - set(temp[::7]))
for label in temp:

It's pretty flexible, as you can do whatever you want instead of plt.scatter. Hope it helps.

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