I use ajax to call a function in my plugin but failed.
It says, "Fatal error: Call to undefined function query_posts() in D:\wamp\www\wp-content\plugins\postCrawler\AjaxActon.php on line 3"

AjaxActon.php is like this:


Then I try to use include_once() to load it.But the peoblem is where the query_posts() method exists.
P.S. I've tried to search from post.php (wp-admin/includes) but there is no query_posts method here. So, where is it?


Try including wp-load.php. This file resides at the root.


Hope this helps

  • Thank you very much! – wormchaos Dec 3 '13 at 11:05

I am sure you are not writing ajax request with the right and proper way, You don't need to call any file with the ajax method in your plugin, just define a action

var data = {
        action: 'my_action',
    whatever: 1234

$.post(ajaxurl, data, function(response) {
    alert('Got this from the server: ' + response);

and then call your ajax action through wp_ajax_ action hook.

add_action( 'wp_ajax_my_action', 'my_action_callback' );

function my_action_callback() {

     global $wpdb; // this is how you get access to the database

     $whatever = intval( $_POST['whatever'] );
     $whatever += 10;
     echo $whatever;

     die(); // this is required to return a proper result

Through this way you can access all the wordpress's functions

Here is the link for more information: AJAX_in_Plugins

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