I'm building a web app that should be used on desktop mobile and tablet too. I need the extra widgets of jQuery UI: date picker, resizable , sortable, draggable, etc. These are missing from jQuery mobile, so I cannot use jQuery mobile.

The jQuery UI themes were not designed for tablet / mobile. Buttons, texts, list items and all other widgets are too small to be controlled with a touch screen. Also the stock icons are too small. I know that there is the jquery ui theme roller, but it would take forever to construct some alternative themes that can be used for tablet / mobile. (I would have to create my own stock icons too, with a different size.) I do not want to spend my time creating a theme, because my primary goal is to create a web app that can be used from a mobile or a tablet. Is there a website where I can download mobile optimized jquery ui themes? With much bigger buttons, texts etc. but with all the jquery ui widgets.


jQuery Mobile

http://jquerymobile.com/ exists


You may want look into Twitter Bootstrap. It is no jQuery-UI but it is powered by jQuery and can with in conjunction with jQuery-UI so it meets some of your needs.




OR you can use jQuery-UI's date picker

Drag and Drop

Twitter Bootstrap Modal Form: How to drag and drop?

  • Bootstrap looks good for me. I'll have to check if I can create/destroy these elements from Javascript though. Thanks. I don't see any date picker component. No draggable, droppable, and many others are missing. :-( – nagylzs Dec 3 '13 at 16:38

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