I would like to subset a dataframe by selecting only columns that exceed a specific range. IE, I would like to evaluate max-min for each column individually and select only columns whose range is greater than a given value. For example, given the following simple dataframe, I would like to create a subset dataframe that only contains columns with a range > 99. (Columns b an c.)

d <- data.frame(a=seq(0,10,1),b=seq(0,100,10),c=seq(0,200,20))

I have tried modifying the example here: Subset a dataframe based on a single condition applied to multiple columns, but have had no luck. I'm sure I'm missing something simple.


You can use sapply() to apply function to each column of d and then calculate difference for range of column values. Then compare it to 99. As result you will get TRUE or FALSE and then use it to subset columns.

d[,sapply(d,function(x) diff(range(x))>99)]
  • Much appreciated! Thank you! – damian Dec 3 '13 at 21:08

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