Is there a way using the standard c or c++ library to make a directory, including the subfolders that may be required given a string of the absolute path?



No, however if you're willing to use boost:

boost::filesystem::path dir("absolute_path");

There is a proposal to add a filesystem library to the standard library that will be based on boost::filesystem. Using boost::filesystem and appropriate typedefs will put you in a good position to migrate to the future standard when it becomes available for your compiler of choice.


Using the standard library, you'd do it like so in C++:

// #include <string> // required for std::string
// #include <sys/types.h> // required for stat.h
// #include <sys/stat.h> // no clue why required -- man pages say so

std::string sPath = "/tmp/test";
mode_t nMode = 0733; // UNIX style permissions
int nError = 0;
#if defined(_WIN32)
  nError = _mkdir(sPath.c_str()); // can be used on Windows
  nError = mkdir(sPath.c_str(),nMode); // can be used on non-Windows
if (nError != 0) {
  // handle your error here

Yes, In C++17, You can use filesystem

#include <filesystem>
#if __cplusplus < 201703L // If the version of C++ is less than 17
    // It was still in the experimental:: namespace
    namespace fs = std::experimental::filesystem;
    namespace fs = std::filesystem;
int main()
    // create multiple directories/sub-directories.
    // create only one directory.
    // remove the directory "SO/1/2/a".
    // remove "SO/2" with all its sub-directories.

Note to use only forward slashes / and you may need to include <experimental/filesystem>.

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