I've implemented an audio player using AVAudioPlayer (not AVPlayer). I'm able to handle the remote control events with the following method. It works quite alright so far, however I see two more subtypes for these events: UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlEndSeekingForward and UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlEndSeekingBackward.

- (void)remoteControlReceivedWithEvent:(UIEvent *)event {
    //if it is a remote control event handle it correctly
    if (event.type == UIEventTypeRemoteControl)
        if (event.subtype == UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlPlay)
            [self playAudio];
        else if (event.subtype == UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlPause)
            [self pauseAudio];
        else if (event.subtype == UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlTogglePlayPause)
            [self togglePlayPause];
        else if (event.subtype == UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlBeginSeekingBackward)
            [self rewindTheAudio]; //this method rewinds the audio by 15 seconds.
        else if (event.subtype == UIEventSubtypeRemoteControlBeginSeekingForward)
            [self fastForwardTheAudio]; //this method fast-forwards the audio by 15 seconds.


So the questions:

  1. In order to have things work right, am I supposed to implement those two subtypes, too?

  2. This method only enables the rewind, play/pause, and fast forward buttons on lock screen, but it doesn't display the file title, artwork, and duration. How can I display that info using AVAudioPlayer or AVAudioSession (I don't really want one more library/API to implement this)?

    2-a. I discovered MPNowPlayingInfoCenter while searching and I don't know much about it. Do I have to use it to implement those stuff above? :-[

  • What was the down vote for, exactly?? – Neeku Jun 25 '14 at 8:35

You are correct, MPNowPlayingInfoCenter is the only way to do this. So go ahead and link with MediaPlayer.framework. In the class that handles playing tracks, import <MediaPlayer/MediaPlayer.h>. Whenever your track changes, do this:

NSDictionary *info = @{ MPMediaItemPropertyArtist: artistName,
                            MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumTitle: albumName,
                            MPMediaItemPropertyTitle: songName };

    [MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter].nowPlayingInfo = info;
  • Thanks Patrick; but how about the first question? Are they supposed to be implemented, too? – Neeku Dec 4 '13 at 8:05

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