I tried running mRobot.drive(0f, 90f); or RollCommand.SendCommand(mRobot, 90f, 0f); with my sphero 2.0 and it does not move really at all sounds like the motors are trying to twitch but don't. Tried it with a sphero 1.0 and it works fine. Same thing happens with SetHeadingCommand.sendCommand(mRobot, 90f); but no luck on the sphero 2.0. Not sure if my sphero is bad but don't see why it runs on sphero 1 but not sphero 2 the same code.

Also when i open the Sphero app that you can download and initializes the ball it does not say there is any firmware updates.

  • Is the Sphero able to drive normally with the main Sphero app? If you have a bad motor, the ball will not be able to turn at all and it will make noises like it is trying. – nodnarb May 1 '14 at 4:56

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