After reviewing multiple posts on the internet, I still cannot find a solution that will allow me to toggle AirPlane mode for Windows 8 from either CMD or PowerShell.

Does anybody have a solution that expressly uses either of these options?


I am not aware of a way to toggle the airplane switch. But you can easily turn off all your radios using powershell in windows 8 using the Network Adapter Cmdlets

Use Get-NetAdapter to see all your adapters, bluetooth\wifi\ethernet


You can disable a specific adapter by its index\name\description:

Disable-NetAdapter -Name "Wi-Fi"

Or you can just disable them all like so:

Disable-NetAdapter *

And turn them back on

Enable-NetAdapter *

Note: You will need to run Powershell as admin to execute the Disable-NetAdapter and Enable-NetAdapter

  • C:\>powershell.exe -Command "Enable-NetAdapter *" and the opposite seems to work for me. :-) – Danijel-James W Dec 4 '13 at 7:46

A more elegant solution is:

get-netadapter wi-fi | restart-netadapter

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