In gitk there are two panel, the top panel which display mostly the list of commits, and the bottom panel which shows changes in this commit. Somehow, since this week I cannot adjust the height of these two panels, like making one of them bigger/smaller. Any idea why?


Maybe you don't see thin resize widget? It's between searchbars:

The specific spot highlighted

Try to change "Edit - Preferences - Use themed widgets" option and restart gitk.

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    I thought changing the option made a difference, but actually that's not it. Once I realized the other comment said to look at the search box, a very unintuitive location, I could resize with or without themed widgets checked. – Fred Douglis Dec 6 '18 at 16:31
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    This is a hilarious failure of GUI design. – Kenji Apr 14 '20 at 21:12

Just in case this was not a technical but a user issue, note that the resize line to grab is not where it should be. It's not the window line that's above "SHA1 ID:" but above the "Search" button and below the "next" and "prev" buttons. It's extremely unintuitive.

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    I had the same problem, and yes, I was just looking in the wrong (right?) place. – jmorganmartin May 7 '15 at 23:15

Hover very slowly next to where the Radio Buttons for Patch and Tree are and you will see the cursor change to the resize icon.

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