I am new to PHP and am encountering this parsing error. My code is:

   $con=mysqli_connect("glcmcrusaders.ipagemysql.com", "cycregister", "Crusaders13!",          

    $sql="INSERT INTO camperregistration (camperFirstName, camperLastName, camperGender,       
    camperBirthdate, camperStreet, camperCity, camperState, camperZip, camperCountry,   
    camperShirtSize, guardianFirstName, guardianLastName, guardianStreet, guardianCity,  
    guardianState, guardianZip, guardianCountry, guardianCell, guardianEmail,  
    alternateFirstName, alternateLastName, alternateStreet, alternateCity, alternateState, 
    alternateZip, alternateCountry, alternateCell, alternateRelationship, camperSwimming)
    ('$_POST[camperFirstName]', '$_POST[camperLastName]', '$_POST[camperGender]',     
    '$_POST[camperBirthdate]', '$_POST[camperStreet]', '$_POST[camperCity]',   
    '$_POST[camperState]', '$_POST[camperZip]', '$_POST[camperCountry]',  
    '$_POST[camperShirtSize]', '$_POST[guardianFirstName]', '$_POST[guardianLastName]', 
    '$_POST[guardianStreet]', '$_POST[guardianZip]', '$_POST[guardianCountry]', 
    '$_POST[guardianCell]', '$_POST[guardianEmail]', '$_POST[alternateFirstName]', 
    '$_POST[alternateLastName]', '$_POST[alternateStreet]', '$_POST[alternateCity]',
    '$_POST[alternateState]', '$_POST[alternateZip]', '$_POST[alternateCountry]',  
    '$_POST[alternateCell]', '$_POST[alternateRelationship]', '$_POST[camperSwimming]')";


Line 5 starts at the %sql ="INSERT INTO... ends at camperSwimming) I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

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    FYI, you are wide open to SQL injections – John Conde Dec 5 '13 at 3:02
  • How would i change that? – user3068434 Dec 5 '13 at 3:12

Missing a semi-colon:

$con=mysqli_connect("glcmcrusaders.ipagemysql.com", "cycregister", "Crusaders13!",          
"registration") // <-- HERE

you need a terminator(;) at the end of $con.

$con=mysqli_connect("glcmcrusaders.ipagemysql.com", "cycregister", "Crusaders13!",