How can I remove the semicolon (;) from a string by using JavaScript?

For example:

var str = '<div id="confirmMsg" style="margin-top: -5px;">'

How can I remove the semicolon from str?

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You can use the replace method of the string object. Here is what W3Schools says about it: JavaScript replace().

In your case you could do something like the following:

str = str.replace(";", "");

You can also use a regular expression:

str = str.replace(/;/g, "");

This will replace all semicolons globally. If you wish to replace just the first instance you would remove the g from the first parameter.


Try this:

str = str.replace(/;/g, "");

This will remove all semicolons in str and assign the result back to str.


Depending upon exactly why you need to do this, you need to be cautious of edge cases:

For instance, what if your string is this (contains two semicolons):

'<div id="confirmMsg" style="margin-top: -5px; margin-bottom: 5px;">'

Any solution like

 str.replace(";", "");

will give you:

'<div id="confirmMsg" style="margin-top: -5px margin-bottom: 5px">'

which is invalid.

In this situation you're better off doing this:

 str.replace(";\"", "\"");

which will only replace ;" at the end of the style string.

In addition I wouldn't worry about removing it anyway. It shouldn't matter - unless you have already determined that for your situation it does matter for some obscure reason. It's more likely to lead to hard-to-debug problems later if you try to get too clever in a situation like this.

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str = str.replace(";", "");


str = str.replace(/;/ig,'');
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