I have noticed that the onDestroy() method of a fragment gets called multiple times - why would this be? I would expect only 1 call.

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    its called only once, please check lifecycle, there has to be something specific with your code post it here so that we can have a look.
    – Techfist
    Dec 5 '13 at 11:05
  • @Techfist No it is not Nov 24 '15 at 23:57
  • Fragment.onDestroy() is called only once per instance. After that, the instance should be available for the garbage collector to reclaim. It is dead. May 29 '17 at 9:03

onDestroy() = The final call you receive before your activity is destroyed.

This can happen either because the activity is finishing (someone called finish() on it, or because the system is temporarily destroying this instance of the activity to save space.

You can distinguish between these two scenarios with the isFinishing() method.

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    OP asked about onDestroy() of Fragment, not Activity. May 28 '17 at 18:26

It's normal for an Activity or Fragment to get onDestroy()-ed multiple times. For example, when you change the device orientation, the current Activity goes through onDestroy() and then a new instance of the same Activity goes through onCreate(), now in the new orientation.

You might be confusing this for finish(), which gets called when the Activity gets "killed" per se and happens only once when you navigate away from it.

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    This is nonsense. A given Activity instance will have onDestroy() called only once (or not at all). It will never be called more than once! If you change your device orientation, Android destroys the current active instance of the Activity (and calls onDestroy()) and then it creates a new instance of the Activity. This answer is unfortunately wrong and misleading. May 28 '17 at 18:22
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    In any case, the OP asked about onDestroy() of Fragment, not `Activity. May 28 '17 at 18:24
  • You're absolutely right, edited. Either way, the answer has been accepted, so I guess the question was asked due to the OP thinking that onDestroy() gets called only a single time, which is false for both Activity and Fragment
    – npace
    May 29 '17 at 8:47
  • Also reworded the answer - 'instance' sounds like I'm talking about a Java Object instance, where I actually mean 'an Activity', which can go through many Activity object instances during its lifecycle.
    – npace
    May 29 '17 at 8:51
  • Thanks for fixing it. However, your answer is still wrong/misleading/confusing. You write that onDestroy() can be called multiple times. This is wrong. That's like saying onCreate() can be called multiple times. Also wrong. Not only that, but in the second part of your answer you write that finish() is only called once. If you mean "per class and not per instance then this is also wrong (and conflicts with the statement about onDestroy(). Saying that onDestroy() can be called multiple times, even as you have written it, is misleading. Using the same logic you can say that ... May 29 '17 at 8:59

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