How are the package names determined while creating a project from a Maven archetype?

I figured out that it's composed by the groupId given while creating the project + the path in the archetype after src/main/java. (Correct me if I'm wrong)


Archetype folder tree src/main/java/service with groupId it.foo.stub creates the package it.foo.stub.service

For just a package I'd like to change the first part of the package name to something like it.bar.mock.business, but until now I haven't been able to find out how to. Is it even possible?


You can create any package that you want. The package is mostly defined by the directory anyway. In your archetype-metadata.xml file you can configure your archetype to generate any directories you want. This shows how to create two different packages in generated projects:

    <!-- Create a package using the groupId -->
    <fileSet filtered="true" encoding="UTF-8">
    <!-- Create a fixed package: it.bar.mock.business -->
    <fileSet filtered="true" encoding="UTF-8">

This assumes you are using Maven Archetype 2.x.

  • Thanks for including both examples, I ended up creating another package dinamically. – Eugenio Laghi Dec 6 '13 at 9:42

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