I'm totally new to chrome extension.

After try the first step of building a simple popup extension. I feel it is very difficult to build, test chrome extension.

For example, I have to

  • Refresh the browser
  • Click the extension button
  • Test any thing inside the popup
  • Right click it and check console
  • I have to repeat this every time I change the codes

Is there something like the browser extension and console are opened everything i refresh browser or I can develop just like web app (in tab)?


There are various different components in a Chrome Extension (background-/event-page, content-scripts, popup, browserAction, pageAction etc) and the process of testing may differ for each of those components.

Since you seem to be referring to a popup, you could open the corresponding HTML file in a browser tab, open the console once and then test by just reloading (e.g. hiting F5) every time you make a change in the code.
Of course, not all functionality of a popup can be tested like this, but most of it can.

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