Is there any simple and lightweight monitoring tool like well-known htop, but with web interface? For Debian / Repberry Pi. All solutions I've seen was complicated and resource-intensive.

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Thanks everything works well!

In debian wheezy:

[sudo] service shellinaboxd stop

Becomes (without the letter 'd')

[sudo] service shellinabox stop

The same applies to update-rc.d line

[sudo] update-rc.d -f shellinabox remove
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I've found an interesting solution to run htop (and any other interactive console application) in browser — shellinabox

Install shellinabox

[sudo] apt-get install shellinabox

Stop shellinabox daemon

[sudo] service shellinaboxd stop

Disable shellinaboxd autostart (in default configuration shellinaboxd serves http-ssh session on 4200 port)

[sudo] update-rc.d -f shellinaboxd remove

Now start shellinaboxd with own parameters

[sudo] shellinaboxd -t -b -p 8888 --no-beep \
       -s '/htop_app/:nobody:nogroup:/:htop -d 10'

-t — disable ssl (if necessary, not recommended for public servers)
-b — run in background
-p — web server port number
--no-beep — disable annoying beeps
-s '…commands…' — session configurstion, where
/htop_app/ — URL
nobody:nogroup — user and group for session (nobody:no group chosen for security reasons)
htop -d 10 — command (actually session shell): run htop with -d 10 argument (means update every second)

Now go to browser and navigate to


Should look something like this (screenshot)

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glances is great! Use that!



Very light dependencies -- basically just Python, psustil, bottle if you want to see it as a webservice...

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