What I try to do is something like:

eval parameter_${city}_${var1}=444
eval parameter_${city}_${var2}=222
eval parameter_${city}_${var3}=111
eval parameter_${city}_total=$( awk -v var1=$parameter_${city}_${var1} -v var2=$parameter_${city}_${var2} -v var3=$parameter_${city}_${var3} 'BEGIN{print var1 + var2 / var3}' )
echo $parameter_Houston_total

Normally I expect an output like 6 but instead it produces a -nan output. Which one of my statements is not correct?



When you are passing vars to awk:

-v var1=$parameter_${city}_${var1}

since you are not using eval, awk variables do not get the desired value. Instead try something like:

-v var1=$(eval echo \$parameter_${city}_${var1})

But perhaps you can store the data in an associative array.

  • Escaping variable resolved my problem. Thanks a lot. – JavaRed Dec 7 '13 at 7:33

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