This has appeared in past on SO, but I couldn't find an answer that worked for me.

I am getting error in line 64 i.e. else { $commenter = preg_replace( '(<a )/', '\\1class="url "' , $commenter );}, the error has something to do with escape character to be introduced. Can anyone give me a pointer what the solution might be?

 if ( preg_match( '/]* class=[^>]+>/', $commenter ) ) {$commenter = preg_replace( '(]* class=[\'"]?)', '\\1url ' , $commenter );
    } else { $commenter = preg_replace( '(<a )/', '\\1class="url "' , $commenter );}
    echo $commenter ;

You are missing the first delimiter.

preg_replace('/(<a )/', '\\1class="url "' , $commenter );

should work.

In your current case, PHP assumes ( ) to be the delimiters (which is valid) and / to be a modifier (because it comes after the second delimiter) which is not valid and hence the error "Unknown modifier '/' "

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