Help please with these conversions. This is input;

QByteArray byteArr;
QBitArray bitArr;
QFile file(adress);

Convertion from bytes to bits:

for(int i=0; i<byteArr.count(); ++i)
    for(int b=0; b<8; ++b)
        bitArr.setBit(i*8+b, byteArr.at(i)&(1<<b));

Convertion from bits to bytes:

for(int i=0; i<bitArr.count(); ++i)
    byteArr[i/8] = (byteArr.at(i/8) | ((bitArr[i]?1:0)<<(i%8)));

And showing the result


This code works fine perfect with ASCII letters. But if I opened Unicode or UTf-8 of ANSI text, I have runtime error or wrong output. Please help

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Default QString constructor uses Latin1 encoding. Use QString::fromUtf8(byteArr) instead of QString(byteArr). Conversion between QByteArray and QBitArray is not related to this issue.

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