My android app requires connecting to a bluetooth printer (Zebra Bt Printer) to print tickets, this printer doesn't require authentication (it's set Authentication:OFF), but i cant create a connection with it because the app asks to make pairing by entering a pin, i've tried default values like 0000 and 1234 but any of them works.

This is the code i use to create a connection with the printer:

Set<BluetoothDevice> devices = bluetoothAdapter.getBondedDevices();

            for (BluetoothDevice device : devices) {
                if (device.getAddress().equals(PRINTER_DEVICE_MAC_ADDRESS)) {

                    bluetoothDevice = bluetoothAdapter.getRemoteDevice(PRINTER_DEVICE_MAC_ADDRESS);
                    if (bluetoothDevice != null) {
                        try {

                            clientSocket = bluetoothDevice.createRfcommSocketToServiceRecord(uuid);

                        } catch (IOException e) {


When it executes the line :


is where appears the dialog for entering the pin for making the connection with the device, but i dont know what code to enter or how to avoid this dialog.

-I'm using Galaxy Tab 3 with Android 4.1.2 -Developing in Api 14

  • Have you tried using createInsecureRfcommSocket() instead of createRfcommSocketToServiceRecord() ? – BitBank Dec 8 '13 at 20:05

Zebra offers Android SDKs for use with their printers. Specifically, There's a BluetoothConnectionInsecure class that allows you to connect to your printers without having to provide pairing information: http://www.zebra.com/us/en/products-services/software/link-os/link-os-sdk.html. Full samples are included in the JavaDoc.

If you cannot use the SDK, then BitBank's suggestion of using CreateInsecureRfCommSocket() is a good choice to make. Here are some articles concerning its usage:


How to create Insecure RFCOMM Socket in Android?

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