I want to configure mongodb to allow remote connections from an external ip address like

Setting to bind_ip works, but I want to be more restrictive and only allow certain ip addresses to connect. I appended to the bind_ip list but mongodb throws an error below:


bind_ip =,
port = 27017

auth = true

mongodb logs

Mon Dec  9 03:25:59 [initandlisten] ERROR: listen(): bind() failed errno:99 Cannot assign requested address for socket:

Question: Why does adding an external ip not work? If auth=true is used, does that make it safe enough to use as the bind_ip? The mongodb will be locally accessed from a Meteor.js app.

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    bind_ip tells mongod (or mongos) which network interface address to bind to, it will not filter the ip of any incoming connection.
    – guido
    Commented Dec 9, 2013 at 8:58

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As guido said, the bind_ip is for the mongo server's own IP address.

Auth is a good idea but only relying on auth opens you up to a brute force attack.

You could bind_ip = and use a firewall to block all incoming connections to port 27017, unless coming from

Another concern is proximity of your meteor server to your mongo server — is it on private networking or across public network. If across public, you should either recompile mongodb to support SSL, or you should tunnel your mongodb connection through SSH.

If you do decide to tunnel, bind_ip to and leave out incoming 27017.

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