I am getting this data from server how to parse this data in java .

LabelField jsonResult = new LabelField(connectJson.response);


I am getting response in jsonResult variable

  • What is LabelField ? Have you thought about using a json lib like GSon? – A4L Dec 9 '13 at 11:00

You can use libraries like Jackson to do the same. There is also Google's GSON which will help you do the same. See this example


Take a look at the JSONParser Object in this Tutorial


If you are using Eclipse plugin than may JSON library included in you SDK.
Use below code to parse your JSON string got from the server.

String test = "[{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"}]";    

JSONArray array = new JSONArray(test);
JSONObject obj = (JSONObject) array.get(0);    

Your String look like you got JSON Array from the server.
First convert your Json string to JSON Array by

JSONArray array = new JSONArray(Your JSON String);  

Each element in array represent JSON Object.You can read JSON Object by

JSONObject obj = (JSONObject) array.get(Index);  

You can read parameter from Object to any String variable by :

String valueStr = obj.getString("screen_refresh_interval");

May this help you.

  • xjson.me.JSONException: A JSONArray text must start with '[' at character 1 of "[{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"},{\"screen_refresh_interval\":4,\"station_list_last_update\":\"update4\"}]" – user944513 Dec 9 '13 at 11:13
  • @user944513 which library are you Using ? – Yagnesh Agola Dec 9 '13 at 11:16

Design a class (viz CustomClass) first with screen_refresh_interval and station_list_last_update as properties. And Make a collection class for CustomClass

I'm using Gson as deserializer. Other libraries are also available.

public class Container {
    private CustomClass[] classes;

    public CustomClass[] getClasses() {
        return classes;

    public void setClasses(CustomClass[] classes) {
        this.classes = classes;

public class CustomClass {
    private String screen_refresh_interval;
    private String station_list_last_update;
    public String getScreen_refresh_interval() {
        return screen_refresh_interval;
    public void setScreen_refresh_interval(String screen_refresh_interval) {
        this.screen_refresh_interval = screen_refresh_interval;
    public String getStation_list_last_update() {
        return station_list_last_update;
    public void setStation_list_last_update(String station_list_last_update) {
        this.station_list_last_update = station_list_last_update;

Gson gson = new Gson();
Container customClassCollection = gson.fromJson(jsonResult, Container.class);

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