I have a simple DBGrid, DBNavigator, and an 'Edit' Button which simply calls


When the user clicks 'Edit', I want the text in the selected cell (just the text - not the whole cell) to be highlighted - as if ready to be overwritten; whereas when I do


the whole cell is highlighted.

How can I select the entire text of a selected cell?


Set 'Options - dgAlwaysShowEditor' to true.

  • Yep, that achieves the objective. Thanks.
    – Sam
    Jan 12 '10 at 22:48
  • Can you please select my answer than (clicking the number in front of the anwswer). Thx
    – Edelcom
    Jan 13 '10 at 8:53

This works with me when I want to highlight the field text in grid to point to specific field when adding new item in grid.

grd->SelectedIndex = 1; // then field index
grd->EditMode = true;  
((TFloatField*)grd->SelectedIndex)->EditFormat = "";   // remove the format 
((TFloatField*)grd->SelectedIndex)->EditFormat = "#.00";   // set back editformat
grd->DataSource->DataSet->Edit();   // set dataset to edit mode 

The trick is to change the EditFormat.

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