Does ASP.NET worker process still return data in chunks of 31Kb

This MSDN article written in May 2004 specifies the following.

When using the ASP.NET process model, the ASP.NET worker process sends responses back to the client, it first sends them through IIS in 31-kilobyte (KB) chunks. This applies to .NET Framework 1.1, but it could change in future versions. The more 31-KB chunks that ASP.NET has to send through IIS, the slower your page runs. You can determine how many chunks ASP.NET requires for your page by browsing the page, viewing the source, and then saving the file to disk. To determine the number of chunks, divide the page size by 31.

Has this architecture been changed since 2.0, 3.5 and 4.0?
If so then whats the new chunk size for each of the new versions of .NET?

Its been more than two weeks since the posting still no correct reply :(
And please do not provide speculative answers

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I think the real question is - does it matter? The original article was horribly written to make you think that it does. The 31kb chunks returned from the worker process to IIS are all on one system, it did not mean that 31kb chunks are returned to the client. IIS processes those chunks then separately determines how to chunk them to send to the client. Performance is not related to the # of chunks, it's related to the # of bytes.

Changing the size of the chunks would not change your performance in any appreciable way. It would be like trying to change the internal memory page size on a word document. I think this is the reason MS hasn't mentioned the chunk size since 2004 - it's an internal measure that has no appreciable bearing on performance.

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