I'm using a Google API to return some JSON, which i have converted to their Objective C types using the JSON-framework (Stig B - Google Code).

I now have structures like this:

            title = "Stack Overflow"

How can i access the nested array results to get at the title value (dictionary i'm guessing)?

I have tried this but no success:

    for (NSString *key in [jsonObjects objectForKey:@"responseData"]) {
        for (NSString *element in [key valueForKey:@"results"]) {

The outer loop will print out the names of the arrays results and cursor so that works, but for the inner loop, I get a not key value coding compliant error.



You can use NSLog([jsonObjects description]) to see the contents and structure of your dictionary.
To browse to your "results" array and its contents you can use the following (or similar) code:

NSDictionary* responseDict = [jsonObjects objectForKey:@"responseData"]; // Get your dictionary
NSArray* resultsArray = [responseDict objectForKey:@"results"]; 
for (NSDictionary* internalDict in resultsArray)
    for (NSString *key in [internalDict allKeys])
       NSLog([NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@ - %@", key, [internalDict objectForKey:key];
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