Are there any good code profilers/analyzers for Erlang? I need something that can build a call graph (eg gprof) for my code.


For static code analysis you have Xref and Dialyzer, for profiling you can use cprof, fprof or eprof, reference here.


The 'fprof' module includes profiling features. From the fprof module documentation:

fprof:apply(foo, create_file_slow, [junk, 1024]).

fprof:apply (or trace) runs the function, profile converts the trace file into something useful, and analyse prints out the summary. This will give you a list of function calls observed, what called them, and what they called, as well as wall-clock timing info.


Try this one: https://github.com/virtan/eep You could get something like this https://raw.github.com/virtan/eep/master/doc/sshot1.png

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