I have an Application that need to evaluate Excel Logical Formulas and I use Excel DLL to do this, but DLL isn't it very efficient.

.NET Framework (C#) has any Class that can make this Job?

An sample

I Provide this


And get this



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Yes, agreed, the Excel.Application.Evaluate method can be slow. It usually suits my needs, but it's not lightening fast.

I think the best source for evaluating Excel formulas without the Excel object mode is:

Some other related articles:

Hope this helps...

You could have a look at

Implementing an Excel-like formula engine

I am using ActiveXls and it's doing a great job. It's not a free component so you have to pay for it. I don't know if there are any good and free components out there, but I prefer to have support in case I need it :)

We use SpreadsheetGear to do this - but it does a whole lot more than just evaluating formulas, so might be overkill for you.

It does seem to be fast, and provides a quite easy to use .NET API, too.

I used bcParser.NET is a mathematical expression parser library for the .NET platform. this utility from bestcode organisation and easy to use to calculate all type of formula. refer to this http://www.bestcode.com/html/math_parser_for_dot_net.html

There are a couple of math expression parsers out there, e.g. lundin, but I'm not sure they'll parse an excel expression for you. Does it have to be excel?

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