After updating IntelliJ from version 12 to 13, the following Maven-related plugins cannot be resolved:


When using IntelliJ 12, these were not in the plugins list. Somehow they've been added after the update and now IntelliJ complains they cannot be found. Where can I remove these plugins from the list OR resolve the problem by installing them?

I can run maven goals clean and compile without problem, but the profile/plugins appear red with warnings in the IDE.

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    Press Ctrl + Alt + S.Go to plugins. Is "Maven integration" checked? – memainjm Dec 10 '13 at 14:02
  • @memainjm yes it is checked – Spring Dec 10 '13 at 14:48
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    Uncheck the "Work offline" checkbox in Maven settings. – Maheshkumar Nov 4 '15 at 6:48

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For me, there was a mistake in the settings.xml. I was using http:// in the url due to which it wasn't working. Once i removed it the plugins were downloaded successfully.

  <!-- <nonProxyHosts>local.net</nonProxyHosts>-->

  <!-- Proxy for HTTPS -->

For me, I download them manually and put theme in my .m2 folder then i did invalidate cache and restart (I m using Intellij IDEA). The steps are for example:

  1. I go to https://mvnrepository.com/ then serch for jdepend-maven-plugin choose the version 2.0
  2. In Files go and click on View All
  3. Download this files jdepend-maven-plugin-2.0.jar jdepend-maven-plugin-2.0.jar.sh1 jdepend-maven-plugin-2.0.pom jdepend-maven-plugin-2.0.pom.sh1
  4. go to .m2 folder then org/codehaus/mojo Create folder with name jdepend-maven-plugin inside with name 2.0 inside put the 4 files downloaded befor.

  5. create file with name _remote.repositories open it with text editor and write inside


  1. go to intellij IDEA invalidate cache and restart.

If problem persist, you can add manually the missing plugins files.

For example if maven-site-plugins is missing, go to https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.apache.maven.plugins/maven-site-plugin

Choice your version, and download files associated directly into your .m2 folder, in this example : C:\Users\ {USERNAME} .m2\repository\org\apache\maven\plugins\maven-site-plugin\ {VERSION}

In IntelliJ IDEA, open Maven sidebar, and reload (tooltip : Reimport All Maven projects)


I had the same problem, After checking the pom.xml file, found out that I have duplicated plugins for the surefire. After deleting and leaving only 1 inside the pom.xml - issue resolved.


For me the Plugins were related to a Profile. I have to enable the relevant profile via Maven (right sidebar menu), Profiles and let the dependencies download.

  1. Check the plugins which cannot be found (maven-site-plugin,maven-resources-plugin)
  2. go to '.m2/repository/org/apache/maven/plugins/'
  3. delete the directory rm -rf plugin-directory-name (eg: rm -rf maven-site-plugin)
  4. exit project from intellij
  5. import project again
  6. Do a Maven reimport

Explanation: when you do a maven reimport, it will download all the missing plugins again.

Happy Coding


I experienced the same issue. What resolved it for me was simply uninstalling intelliJ and reinstalling it.


Tried invalidating cache, reimporting the project, removing .m2 folder partially and as a whole, and switching to the Idea bundled Maven. Nothing worked, and I've finally broken Maven completely: when it would build the project in the console, now it stopped. Had to reinstall Maven, and it helped!


Try to put the following code in your pom.xml. If this does not work, try to change the <version>2.8.2</version> (diferent versions can be found in the maven repo.)


In my case, I tried most of the answers above. I solve this problem by:

  • Cleaning all items in the .m2/repository folder
  • Uninstall Intellij Ultimate Version
  • Install Community Version

It so amazingly worked!


My solution was:

  1. Remove ${HOME}/m2/repository.
  2. Click on IntelliJ => Invalidate Caches / Restart.
  3. Refresh Maven Project.

I just delete all my maven plugins stored in .m2\repository\org\apache\maven\plugins, and IntelliJ downloaded all the plugins again a it solve my problem and it worked fine for me!!!


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