I want to be able to format many chart series with a very similar format, varying only one feature (e.g., marker line color), avoiding doing it by hand.

One way that I conceived for doing this is by: 1) setting the format for the first series in the group, 2) copying the format to the rest, 3) changing only the selected feature, using values in an array, e.g.

Question Excel - Copy format from one chart series to another relates to task #2. As long as I do not have a good means for carrying out task #2, is there an alternative way of achieving the overall objective?


Why not just iterate over all the series you wish to change and call a function that sets the format for the current series. The function can then just accept the one feature you wish to change as a parameter. For example something like this (just some pseudo code so you can imagine the solution easier):

foreach series in seriesCollection
   format(series, markerLineColor)

And function format looks something like this:

format(Series series, ColorFormat markerLineColor)
   // set all the common parameters
   series.Format.Line.Forecolor = markerLineColor

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