I typically write Linux and QNX command-line applications in VIM, generally steer away from graphical IDEs. I am currently working on a simple GUI-based application for the RPI that presents a text field for entering commands, and a read-only text field for displaying logging statements.

Is there a de facto standard means of setting up a build environment in Linux (ie: Ubuntu) so I can compile for ARM on the RPI and just deploy the binaries via NFS/SSH?

Additionally, is there a standard means of creating a staging area (ie: a bare-bones empty QT project with a makefile in place that already knows that the only valid target is to use the x86 compiler targeted for ARM)?

The end goal is to set up a few virtual machines with a bunch of empty/blank sample projects that will just build via the command-line when executing make.

I have read through other similar questions I found on SO, but they deal solely with installing the compiler. I also need to figure out how to set up a sample makefile project.

Thank you.


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This is covered in an answer to a similar question of yours.

Cross compiling for Raspberry PI

As for a staging area, no. You just need to cleverly write your makefiles so you don't clobber your existing OS installation.


The trick is to link your QT4 application source (written on the PC) with QT4 libraries (on the RPi) compiled for Raspberry Pi/Raspbian OS.

To summarize:

  1. Install the RPi's cross compiling toolchain on your PC.
  2. Install the QT4 libraries on the Raspberry Pi/Raspbian OS.
  3. Mount the RPi's root file system onto your PC.
  4. Write a makefile that uses the RPi's cross compiling toolchain to build the QT source and link it to the ARM11 / Raspbian specific QT4 libraries (available on the mounted RPi filesystem) to create an ARM11/Raspbian binary.

The makefile must also use the moc-qt4 tool to generate necessary boilerplate code...one .moc.cpp for every .h header file containing a QT class declaration.

For a more detailed procedure : http://hertaville.com/2014/04/12/cross-compiling-qt4-app/

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