I´d like to prepend a div with an onClick function via jQuery like that:

var myFirstDivChange =  '<div class="myClass" onClick="changemyvariable('4v5');">MyText</div>',


This is the changemyvariable function:

function changemyvariable (mynewvariable) {
var myoldvariable = mynewvariable


It does not work and returns

SyntaxError: syntax error

Is there a problem with " or ' ? If i try it like "4v5" it does not work either..

  • you have ' within '. – Daniel A. White Dec 10 '13 at 21:23
  • You need to escape the internal single quotes here as changemyvariable(\'4v5\') but really you ought to be binding that event dynamically rather than coding it into the markup. – Michael Berkowski Dec 10 '13 at 21:23
  • Conside using .click() to bind the event rather than hard-coding it. – Michael Berkowski Dec 10 '13 at 21:25

You have to quote the single-quotes in your HTML string:

var myFirstDivChange =  '<div class="myClass" onClick="changemyvariable(\'4v5\');">MyText</div>',

You'd be better off adding with jQuery, since you're using the library anyway:

$('#mydiv').prepend($('<div/>', {
  text: "MyText"
, "class": "myClass"
, click: function() { changemyvariable("4v5"); }

Same effect, but less messy.


You have to escape the quotes

'<div class="myClass" onClick="changemyvariable(\'4v5\');">MyText</div>'

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