I have this javascript function:

function maxLengthPaste(field,maxChars)
    if((field.value.length + window.clipboardData.getData("Text").length) > maxChars) {
        field.value = field.value + window.clipboardData.getData("Text").substring(0, maxChars - field.value.length);
        return false;

The window.clipboardData.getData("Text") doesn't work in Chrome browser Is there any crossbrowser code to substitute it?


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No, there is no cross-browser support for window.clipboardData. It is only supported by IE. Support for window.clipboardData is generally considered a security issue because it allows every website you visit to read whatever happens to be in your clipboard at the time.

In Chrome, you can read clipboardData when handling paste events:

document.addEventListener('paste', function (evt) {
  • I want to note text/html option
    – Hebe
    Feb 11 at 16:13

Cross browser method should be

document.addEventListener('paste', function (evt) {
  clipdata = evt.clipboardData || window.clipboardData;
  • this worked how i wanted!! money money!! Deserve up vote :) Jan 2, 2020 at 21:44
  • would like to know what is the correct (spec) way of doing it is... window.clipboardData is not even defined in chrome as null. is window.clipboardData depricated, which browser need window.clipboardData?
    – Endless
    Nov 14, 2020 at 14:22

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