I'm trying to get info about the current playing song in Spotify iOS app. The scenario is as follows: Open Spotify iOS app, start playing a song. Put the app in background and open my iOS app. Is there any way I could get the song playing on Spotify, in my iOS app?

I have tried using the nowPlayingItem property as described in this post, but it didn't work: On iPhone: Find out what song is currently playing? (in the iPod music player)

I have tried using the [MPNowPlayingInfoCenter defaultCenter].nowPlayingInfo as described in this post, but it didn't work: Is there a way to access the currently played track while the iPhone is connected to an accessory?

I have seen the same question asked in this post on apple developer forums: https://devforums.apple.com/message/903640#903640.

Has anyone encountered this problem? Have you found a viable solution?



Here is a solution in Swift 3:

let player = MPMusicPlayerController.systemMusicPlayer()
if let mediaItem = player.nowPlayingItem {
    let title: String = mediaItem.value(forProperty: MPMediaItemPropertyTitle) as! String
    let albumTitle: String = mediaItem.value(forProperty: MPMediaItemPropertyAlbumTitle) as! String
    let artist: String = mediaItem.value(forProperty: MPMediaItemPropertyArtist) as! String

    print("\(title) on \(albumTitle) by \(artist)")

Note that starting from iOS 10, you must set a description string for NSAppleMusicUsageDescription in the Info.plist in order to get access to the user's music.

mediaItem will be an instance of MPMediaItem if there is something playing. You can access the media item's attributes using the value(forProperty:) method. This methods takes a property. The properties are defined in the documentation for `MPMediaItem under the heading "General Media Item Property Keys".

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    This only works with the iOS player. With third-party apps like Spotify, mediaItem is nil. – Rob Jan 29 '17 at 16:21
  • I'm looking for this too, is there anyway to access 3rd party apps' now playing info? – GarySabo Mar 6 '17 at 16:11

With the latest version of the Spotify iOS SDK (introduced around Sep 2018) you can now subscribe for player events and detect when a new track starts playing.

For more info check their the quick-start tutorial.


If I'm not wrong, Apple doesn't allow program's to share data (for security reasons). So maybe that's the problem.

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    You should provide where did you grab that info. – Buzinas Sep 19 '15 at 13:40

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