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I want to start using Redmine with Gitlab for issue tracking.

Is there a way to update the gitlab configuration (gitlab.yml) with the redmine urls and start using both applications without having to bundle Gitlab again?

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What do you mean by "bundle GitLab"? – Ash Wilson Dec 11 '13 at 17:55
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Not exactly.

There is a Redmine plugin which does the opposite: "Gitlab Merge Request"

This plugin allow you to add a "New merge request" link on redmine issue.
Gitlab merge request form will be filled based on project configuration

And there is a (closed) feature request issue 97 asking for using Redmine is recommended for Issue management (again the opposite of what you are asking for)

However, this feedback request is closer:

I currently use Redmine for my issues in oreder to do time-tracking, gantt, versions, guest access.
I think it would be cool to allow setup for Redmine issues to be synced into Gitlab and possibly vice versa.

You can now link Redmine issues from GitLab: see gitlab.yml.example.

  ## External issues trackers
    # redmine:
    #   title: "Redmine"
    #   ## If not nil, link 'Issues' on project page will be replaced with this
    #   ## Use placeholders:
    #   ##  :project_id        - GitLab project identifier
    #   ##  :issues_tracker_id - Project Name or Id in external issue tracker
    #   project_url: "http://redmine.sample/projects/:issues_tracker_id"

So it doesn't replace Redmine issue management with GitLab's, but it helps keeping the two in sync.

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