My requirement is if condition is true, style_class should be appended to td. otherwise no style class should be appended. Tried both of the below statements but with no luck. style_class is appended irrespective of the result of the condition

<td class="#{(${test eq true}) ? style_class : }">Test_Text</td>

<td class="#{(test eq true) ? style_class : }">Test_Text</td>

These three are working for me.

<td class="${test eq true ? 'style_class1' : 'style_class2'}">

<td class="${test ? 'style_class1' : 'style_class2'}">

<td class="${test eq true && not empty test2 ? 'style_class1' : 'style_class2'}">

<td class="${(test eq true) ? 'style_class' : }">Test_Text</td>

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