I am getting the error while I am trying to insert a new item into combo box

Error: Items collection cannot be modified when the DataSource property is set.

string connectionstring = "MultipleActiveResultSets=True;Data Source=ECSTSRD;Initial Catalog=PMIDB;User ID=pnpuser;Password=pnpuser123";
sqlConnection myconnection = new SqlConnection(connectionstring);

string custPOsql = "INSERT INTO cust_po (cust_code, po_no) VALUES (@cust_code, @po_no)";
       SqlCommand custPOcom = new SqlCommand(custPOsql, myconnection);
       custPOcom.Parameters.AddWithValue("@cust_code", cboCustCode.Text);
       custPOcom.Parameters.AddWithValue("@po_no", cboPO.Text);
       MessageBox.Show("Insert Successfully", "Insert");

FYI, I bind the data source of PO combobox in form load.

I have found few similar question in stackoverflow as well as others forums, the way they mention is using cboPO.Items.Add(cboPO.Text) to add new item into combo box, but I could not use it as error shown.

Do anyone know what is the problem, please help.

Thanks in advance.


Your cboPO control is already bind with datasource that display data

use this if want to add rows in your combobox

DataTable dt = cboPO.Datasource;
DataRow dr = dt.NewRow();
dr["ColumnName"/Index number] = cboPO.Text;

You can either use cboPO.Items.Add(), or you can bind to a list as you appear to have done.

"FYI, I bind the data source of PO combobox in form load."

It's telling you that you cannot bind the combo box to a data source, and then try to add items directly to the combo box too. It's an either/or thing - you can't do both.

You'll have to add items to whatever object you originally bound to the combo box in your Form_Load event, and then they should be reflected in the combo box automatically.

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