I am trying to get a count of each value in a table using the following SQL:

SELECT col, COUNT(col)
FROM table 

(There's a WHERE clause in the real code, but it has no impact).

When I run this I get results like so:

a      - 5
b      - 4
<null> - 0

It doesn't matter how many null entries I have, it always shows a count of 0.

Any ideas why?

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    Note: I have a workaround for this (I just union a SELECT null, count(*) FROM table WHERE col is null), but it feels like a hack to me. – RodeoClown Jan 13 '10 at 3:45

Figured it out. Changed the code to use COUNT(*) instead of COUNT(col).

COUNT(col) was not counting any null rows, all other aggregation methods also eliminate nulls from the result set.

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